Besides the interior décor design services, Livinghomes also have other packages. Customers can choose one or more separate services depending on their requirements.


3D visual design

Livinghomes with design technology on the advanced 3D software help customers to see their products showing in the 3D space from every angles as well as in colors with every materials. This minimizes the period of the process from idea to finished real product.
Customers can select either one of our available designs or list out ideas we execute new ideas. Let you see the design in the 3D space with lively visual way. From that, we can adjust quickly changes till customers satisfy.

product develope

To customers without their private design staffs, Livinghomes have services of product development to assist customers to implement prototype till they have a finished sample with the most efficient cost and fully detailed sketch. From there, customers can give it into mass production.
Livinghomes help develop from one single product into finished concept in the collection with the same style and material based on each function such as living room, bedroom, dining room, bath room and so on.


out sourcing

We help customers to find suppliers meeting demands as ability, prestige, good quality, reasonable cost, meeting time plan and other product specifications from distinct markets.
We are the devoted reliable middle person consulting for customers to find out the solutions for arising matters out of the control in the process of implementation of purchase of each order.

quality control

We assist our customers to control the quality output process of wooden products. We supply the service considered to be “your eyes and ears”. Our staffs catch the technical product issues to help to control quality guarantee and assure products are implemented following the most quality standard process as well as keep the delivery time to be punctual.
The mission to execute our process of quality control that care about every detail, which helps us minimize the errors of products.


With our guideline to appreciate creation suitable for our customers ‘aesthetic style, we consult them our design solutions being reasonable cost and meeting their various demand. We implement this principle by listening and understanding profoundly our customers’ requirements to develop unique user-friendly products fine in every cultural details. With our good understanding of the detailed elements in costing, we always suggest the best solution and competition in price to our customers.

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